The Bicycle Diaries

I don’t know if at least it happened to all, but it happened to me, to wake me up one day and not understand why the night had not been set aside in favor of the light. The sun was well up in the sky but darkness was all I could see. Then, I myself decided to go by the sun. To pursue him to the West, on an ancestral way of which I had casually heard years before. The Camino de Santiago. A magnificent madness, I had no consciousness of what I was doing, but only to ride and leave the night behind me. Mad at the world, myself, as the days unfolded, I saw something in me was changing. Red earth under my wheels, mesetas in my eyes, the faces of people I met in my heart, were giving me a minimum of balance. Nothing immediate, of dazzling, but a daily conquest, kilometer after kilometer. I was making peace with myself. Getting to Santiago de Compostela was important, now I could see the glow of the sun that I had lost. But my research was not yet complete, and it could not end this way, so I started running toward the ocean again. Through the wildest Galicia I could even imagine, finally I reached the edge of the known world by the ancient Romans, Finisterre. It’s almost evening, I laid my bike on the ground just to walk the last 3 km on foot. Towards a lighthouse. There, sitting on a rock on the Costa da Morte, with a phone on my hand, I found my sun. Placidly, it was dipping into the blue waters, blue as the night. I turned on my phone just to delete a message. I don’t remember if I thought that this could finally be the end, in that case I was not far from the truth. Fortunately, it was only the beginning …

“This is my world, this is who I am and who I want to be. A traveler who has no other purpose than to see what lies beyond the horizon. And eventually sharing these moments with those who want see the same horizon. “

by Pedalando con i Troll of Norman Polselli